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Vbox Acoustic Stombox and box drum... Versatile and Very Cool.

Variety.  The Vbox gives you a variety of tones from two uniquely shaped resonating chambers.  The Vbox produces a deep kick sound, an   alternate snare type sound, and a host of other percussion tones depending on where it's played!

                                                                                                                    Very Cool.  The patent pending Vbox design looks and sounds amazing.   No other percussion instrument offers you as much as the trendy Vbox.  A 27" "Full size V" and a 23" "Jazz V" model are available.  It's time to get more out of your music!

Versatile.   Add hands free rhythm with your feet or play with your hands like a box drum. Play the top surface for deep djembe like sounds or play the bottom surface for bongo-type sounds.  The possibitlities are endless!

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