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VP Percussion

How we started


My name is Jason Van Pelt.  As a fellow musician who plays a variety of venues, I had used loopers tapping on my guitar, miking shakers, used drum machines that needed to be programmed, stomped on stages, and all the tricks you probably have.  I watched other musicians do the same or play stomp boxes that just didn't sound great.  If you're like me you do anything you can to make a performance better and more enjoyable to the audience.  As a former Nashville recording engineer, musician, and woodworker, I wanted it to design a percussion instrument that would sound amazing.  If it sounds great, it just feels great, right?   I also wanted an instrument that could provide a variety of tones based on where you play it.  Why lug around a bunch of percussion instruments that are difficult to mic correctly? 

I designed my first Vbox at the end of 2013  and played my first gig New Years Eve the day it was finished.  The response was overwhelming.  After a few modifications and after winning a small entrepreneurial grant from Hormel the following year, I was able to patent the Vbox and launch the company.  Musicians across the country and now around the world are able to add great sounding rhythm with the Vbox acoustic stomp box! 

I hope you'll give the Vbox a try and more importantly, I hope you as a musician will continue to make the world a better place through your music!

Jason Van Pelt


Why a Vbox by VP Percussion?


* Incredible low end for deep kick drum sounds

* Multiple tones based on where you play

* Alternate snare chamber

* Portable so you can take it anywhere with ease

* Simple way to add rhythm to your music

* Plays as an acoustic stomp box or hand percussion instrument

I love it!

“I play upright bass in an instrumental group and have been using the Vbox for about three weeks now.  I had previously been using a Porchboard Bass electronic stomp box.  The depth of tone and variety of sounds with the Vbox is far superior.  I was concerned about structural integrity because I would be 'stomping' this instrument but hold up beautifully and is very solid.  Highly recommend!”

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