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The 23" Vbox acoustic stomp box is designed to sound like a full sized kick drum when used as a stomp box and delivers a 'bongo-like' and djembe-like sounds when used as a hand percussion instrument. Comes with padded case.

If you’re a musician who wants to add more to your music with little hassle, then the acoustic stomp box by VP Percussion is just what you need. The patented Vbox can be played as and acoustic stomp box or as a hand percussion instrument.  You'll love the deep kick sound and the variety of tones you can get all out of this lightweight and extremely portable drum.  You are free to follow your musical inspiration!! 


ACOUSTIC STOMPBOX:  When using your feet you can play the Vbox as a stomp box.  Place the Vbox flat on the ground, plug it into your sound system, rest your foot on the outside edge of the larger chamber and begin to tap.  You'll be stunned at the deep kick drum sound without having to crank the low frequencies like most other acoustic stomp boxes. It's already there! This all acoustic box uses premium pickups and a patented design to pick up stunning low frequencies.  The smaller chamber has a built in snare for a nice alternate sound. 


HAND PERCUSSION:  The Vbox allows you or your percussionist to open up a whole new world of possibilities.  The unique design of the Vbox allows it to deliver a variety of acoustic tones similar to adding bongos depending on where you play.  The major difference to simply playing bongos is that with the Vbox you still can access deep low end in the middle, you still also have access to a snare sound, and it's incredibly lightweight and easy to play.  You'll love the endless possibilities and zero need to eq unless you want to.

From percussionists to guitarists, musicians playing solo or in a band, here is an instrument for everybody who is active in the live music scene. Whether used as a stompbox or a hand percussion instrument the Vbox is perfect choice for people who want to add more to their music.  The Vbox by VP Percussion also comes with a convenient custom padded case. 

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