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The 23" Jazz Vbox acoustic stomp box is designed to sound like a Jazz kick drum when used as a stomp box and delivers a 'bongo-like' sound when used as a hand percussion instrument. Comes with padded case.

The 27" Full-sized Vbox acoustic stomp box is designed to sound like a full sized kick drum when used as a stomp box and delivers congo type sounds when used as a hand percussion instrument  Comes with padded case.

If you’re a musician who wants to deliver extra oomph to your music with little hassle, then the acoustic stomp box by VP Percussion is just what you need. The patented Vbox acoustic stomp box by VP Percussion is designed to be used with your feet as well as your hands to give musicians complete liberty in following your musical inspiration. 

When using your feet you can play this musical instrument as a stomp box, and when using your hands you can play it as an acoustic box drum. The unique, robust, and sturdy design of this instrument allows it to be easily used in both ways. The versatile nature of the Vbox allows it to be played as both box drum and stomp box, making it stand out from all other stompboxes and making it a better choice than the standard cajon.

You’ll love the amazing range of sounds the patented Vbox is able to generate when you play it with your hands.  The Vbox’s unique shape gives you the ability to produce different tones based on where you play it.  Whether you are playing at a party in a bar, at home for a small audience, or inside a coffee shop, the Vbox with its earthy acoustic tones will let you take your music to the next level with ease. Your audience will thank you.  

From percussionists to guitarists, musicians playing solo or in a band, here is an instrument for everybody who is active in the live music scene. Whether used as a stompbox or a hand percussion instrument the Vbox is perfect choice for people who want to add more to their music.

The Vbox is able to offer deep kick drum sounds and complimentary alternate snare sound, all the while remaining simple, easy, and convenient to play.  Its low profile size and convenient carrying case means you can easily carry it around with you to your next gig.

The Vbox by VP Percussion is available in 2 sizes: the 23" Jazz Vbox and the 27" full-sized Vbox. Both come with the padded case. The difference between the two lies in how they function when played. 

The 23" Jazz Vbox will produce a kick drum sound similar to that of a Jazz kick drum when you play it like a stomp box, and will give hand percussion sounds similar to that of a Bongo drum. The 27" full-sized Vbox produces a full-sized kick drum sound when played like a stomp box, and produces hand percussion sounds similar to a Congo drum.

Choose any of these options depending on your need and make your live musical performances even more magical!