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Why Vbox by VPPercussion Is the Only Acoustic Stomp Box You Need?

StompBox is the perfect tool to add color to your performances. Solo Artists, DJs, Bands Box, drummers & Hip Hop artists, Blues Players, Percussionists, Studios and Keyboard gamers can all add amazing textures to their sound together with the responsibility stomp box. It can even be used as a hands-free with simple stomping and beating.

Experienced musicians even employ two stomp boxes together to create unique and slightly complex rhythm tones. Harness the center disk in a variety of places, or the outside wooden casing to discover great noises. Bash it to bring a real thump to your end beats. Scratch or slide for percussive effects that are good upon the top. Some foot drums are designed for use with your own foot, the foot, heel, and arch of your foot will produce new sounds, however, more sounds can be accessed with your hand, fingers, or a drumstick to bash out beats on your Stomp Box.

Spice Up Your Rhythm With Vbox

You now know how and where to use a stomp box for your gig. Now, let me tell you why the acoustic stompbox- Vbox is the only percussion tool you require for carrying out an awesome and amazing gig.

Most of the stomp boxes in the market are either hand operated (hand drum) or foot operated (foot drum). So, either you purchase a hand drum if you’re comfortable stomping it side by side while playing guitar or you buy a foot drum, that would be operated by foot while you sit or stand to perform your gig. In case it’s a difficult choice for you! Choose Vbox, because it’s designed in a manner that it can be played by both; hands and feet, providing the required liberty to the musicians.

Vbox is unique in its design, sturdy in its operation, and robust in its performance. It renders a versatility feature to every musician's gig by allowing them to employ the instrument as per their convenience and comfort. One of the most significant advantages of the Vbox is that it can be played both by hand as a box drum or by feet as a stompbox.

Quick fact: Vbox is a patented acoustic stompbox by VP Percussion.

Not only this, Vbox is capable of generating an amazing range of soothing sounds. Its due to Vbox’s unique shape that it produces different and distinct tones based upon the place where the musician taps on it. It’s an amazing music tool that can accompany you anywhere and everywhere, be it a small party at a bar in front of a small audience or a hallway or lobby with a large audience. The earthy and clear-cut tones produced by Vbox are undoubtedly capable of taking your music to next level.

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