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All You Must Know About An Acoustic Stomp Box

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

A stomp-box is a simple percussion instrument, a little wooden box placed directly under the foot or fitted to a guitar, which can be tapped or stomped on rhythmically to make a sound similar to a bass drum.

The problem is choosing the ideal type of box drum with its perfect size to produce the very best sound that musicians desire to create. At the same time, musicians had to keep in mind that the box must not move much, which means they can easily put some weight to it to generate the perfect sound.

Stomp boxes are a perfect tool to duplicate the records or sounds which are most classic and not-so-classic to an approximated similarity. A musician could, therefore, use their creativity and combine these sounds in numerous ways without re-connecting boxes during an operation. A whole lot of guitarists prefer stomp-boxes and they have dedicated switchboards which expert technicians cable up to a variety of pedals indoors.

Brief History of Wooden Stomp Boxes

Wooden stomp-boxes are a standard American folk instrument. During the past years, a toe-tapping guitar or banjo player would frequently shorten their tapping by using an overturned wooden crate or box. Foot-stomping with this box could enhance the guitar offering rhythm into a stylish country song. With some modifications, the stompbox remains in use today as well.

If you are looking for that classic bass sound without using a full collection or drummer, a percussion stompbox is your simple option. There is an assortment of stompers available to satisfy the requirements of artists who want to add a completely different dimension to their sound.

Like a guitarist or singer, your foot taps alongside the rhythm. A foot drum stomper allows you to make use of the natural motion as a way of enhancing your overall music and adding a percussive element. Easily connected to conventional amps or PA systems, the stompbox offers an electric sound similar to that of a longstanding bass drum. However, there a wide range of stomp boxes available for musicians in both analog and digital version. There's undoubtedly a model of box drum available that would meet your requirements.

VPpercussion provides stomp boxes that reflect the traditional sound you'd hope to hear in the percussion stompbox. Vbox, an acoustic stompbox comes in unique design and offers versatility to itself by being multifarious. This stompbox designed by VPpercussion can be played with hands as well as by feet.

The VPpercussion stompers are intended to promote comfort over an elongated period. No matter their outside design, the consequent effect remains like a soothing percussive sound that enriches your music and performance. Depending upon the place Vbox has to be put in use, it can be utilized to produce a variety of tones.

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