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Integration of Multi-effects with Dedicated Stomp Boxes

Are you also in a quest to master the sounds you produce with your acoustic stomp box? Have you ever wondered that multi-effects unit can create a hybrid combination with your stompbox to produce more rhythmical music, that your listeners may love!

Here’s all about the integration of multi-effects units with dedicated stomp boxes.

There was a vigorous, continuing debate between users of multi-effects and also advocates of unique effects produced by box drums. Although the echoes of this debate might now only be found in the least visited valley of forum sites, however, this topic was one of the contentious argument in the past which had a substantial existence. But, in modern times the debate is not more than a dull mutter as multi-effects are now being integrated with stomp boxes by many musicians.

In days past, the argument was about the tonal quality vs. tonal quantity; most responded that single hand drums or foot drums often sounds remarkably better than the multi-effects units available at that moment. But if a musician desired a wide, varying array of effects with a single device, the cost, and complication of building an acoustic stompbox made a multi-effects unit substantially less expensive option to go with. Multi-effects were much more compact and simple to power, making them particularly convenient for effects-heavy players that usually traveled into gigs.

Hybrid Approach

The reason why that the multi-effects-versus-stomp box debate has largely died out is that mainly to the improved sound quality and flexibility of their newest melodic line of multi-effects units. Digital processing capacity has increased substantially over the years, while the arrival of electronic modeling, as well as other new technologies, has improved the caliber and wide range of tones available in these types of units.

A musician can exploit the best from these units individually to create something unique and rhythmic.

In fact, the companies that build and designs box drums and multi-effects units have become a lot more keyed to exactly what players or musicians want, and also how they have a tendency to make use of their instruments in real-world rehearsing, recording, and gigging situations. Hence, lately, many guitarists have adopted a hybrid approach to multi-effects and stompbox usage. Which means they utilize their favorite hand drum or foot drum for overdrive, distortion, and fuzz tones, and employ a multi-effects chip for modulation, delay, reverb, and amp or cabinet modeling duties.


If you were thinking about pursuing a best-of-both-worlds hybrid strategy, then there are always a couple of factors that you must take into account before any new gear is purchased. The purpose of constructing such gear is always to maximize the tonal flexibility and portability while decreasing the expense and complication, but minus forethought and planning, the result may easily be the inverse. There are many tips that can be con-playing Guide for Vbox: An Acoustic Stomp Box by VPpercussion sidered for achieving the best from this hybrid combination, which would be discussed in the next article.

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