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Playing Guide for Vbox: An Acoustic Stomp Box by VPpercussion

A stomp box or stomp-box is a very simple percussion instrument consisting of a little wooden box placed directly under the foot, which is either tapped or stamped rhythmically to make a noise similar to that of a bass. A stompbox makes it possible for a performer such as a singer or a guitarist to create a simple rhythmic self-accompaniment. Stompboxes are most commonly used in American blues and folk songs but are located throughout the musical spectrum.

Variations of Vbox available:

23" Jazz V-shaped Stomp Box

The 23" Jazz Vbox acoustic stompbox, when used as a stompbox, is designed to produce a sound similar to that of a Jazz kick drum. It also produces a bongo-like sound once used as a hand drum percussion instrument. It comes with a padded case for easy commute.

It’s a full-sized V-Box acoustic stompbox, which is designed intentionally to create a sound similar to that of a full-sized kick drum when played with the foot. And additionally, it produces sounds like a congo when played by hands. It also comes with a cushioned case.

Playing Guide for Vbox

Being versatile in nature, Vbox can be played by both hands and feet. Hence a musician can use it like a hand drum or a foot drum. Here’s a playing guide for individual case:

1.When playing Vbox with feet.

When you use Vbox as a foot drum, here are tips that you must keep in mind:

First things first, don’t put excessive weight on the stompbox as it can damage the box drum by resonating the tops.

Try tapping your foot along the outer edges of Vbox, this would help you generate the loudest volume with deepest tones and also render proper support to the feet.

Make sure that you don’t stomp your foot in the middle portion of the resonating top, as excessive forcing on the top may cause breakage.

2.When playing Vbox with hands.

When you use Vbox as a hand drum, here are tips that you must keep in mind:

Have you ever played a djembe! You just have to play Vbox in the same manner. If not! Follow the following tips.

With Vbox, the lowest frequencies can be created when stomping the middle portion and the outside portion of the long side. And if you’re a forceful striker, then try and play along the outer frame to get more support and volume.

Similar to djembe, a variety of tones can be created with Vbox by stomping towards the edges. Moreover, the bottom surface of the instrument can be played for creating a drum-like (as in bongo) sound.

Note: This acoustic stompbox by VPpercussion is equipped with top-notch electronic details, which are very sensitive. However, the output received is of low voltage. It means that more gain is required.

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